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Covering US, Canada, Euronext, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia Stocks and Securities, Mutual Funds and Indexes

Symbol Search
symbol search

We provide coverage for a number of exchanges listed below. All foreign
securites and indexes end with a suffix (.c, .i, etc.) that is dependent
on its exchange, except for US stocks, FOREX and US mutualfunds.
Exchange Convention
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)N/AIWM
Australian Securities Exchange.AUANP.AU
Euronext Amsterdam.ENRDSA.EN
Euronext Brussels.ENABI.EN
Euronext Lisbon.ENBCP.EN
Euronext Paris.ENALU.EN
Foreign Exchange (FOREX)n/AUSDEUR
Hong Kong Stock Exchange.HK0231.HK
Global Indices.INVIX.IN
London Stock Exchange.LOBKIR.LO
Milan Stock Exchange.MIGASI.MI
Nasdaq Stock ExchangeN/AAAPL
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)N/ATIE
New Zealand Stock Exchange.NZFBU.NZ
OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB)N/AAAPT
Singapore Stock Exchange.SI5MS.SI
Toronto Stock Exchange.CABX.C
Toronto Venture Exchange.CENV.C
United States Mutual FundsN/AVGEQX

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