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DTWI.IN Fibonacci Analysis

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Fibonacci Analysis: Fibonacci analysis evaluates the short term (30 days) intermediate term (60 days) and long term trends (120 days) and retracements. Stocks that retrace 38.2% or less of a trend will usually continue the trend. Retracements exceeding 61.8% indicate a reversal. Alerts will include ABC's up/down (multiple 38% retracements) and various reversal signals.
Time FrameTrend38.2%50%61.8%
Long 93242 to 98722.49 . . 94453.58 (77.89%)
Intermediate 93479.04 to 98722.49 . . 94453.58 (81.41%)
Short 95706.91 to 97793.25 97051.21 (35.57%) . .
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